Welcome to Our College

The College aims to create an environment which nurtures innovation Excellence and Creativity thus bring the best in you.
  Education has a magical power to transform the betterment of transformation which gives you wings to fly, to be independent and moreover to lead a dignified, self-reliant life.
  Here, at this very moment, the realization turned into a firm determination which later on materialized into an unflinching commitment to impart education that believes in transforming lives for the better.
    Sir, Dr. M.S. Gosavi being a dynamic and visionary educationist, he looked at education as a vehicle for social change and effectively used it to improve people. His dedication and single-minded determination to give back to society what he got from it resulted into the establishment of Gokhale Education Society a nonprofit since from 1918 which began its work with the illiteracy elimination in the district of Thane, Raigad, Mumbai, and Nashik.
  By this time, the seed of Gokhale Education Society as a brand in education was already sown. The sapling of this college started flourishing with the vision hard work and under the able guidance of Dr. M.S. Gosavi Sir now it is a full-fledged tree with its branches spread over this Raigad district. And here this ten-year-old college is closely watching this graduation center to new expansions.
  This college has now become a group of streams and offers a wide array or courses in a number of disciplines. A lot has changed in the College ever since it embarked on this journey nearly one decade ago to provide quality education to rural students.
We are committed to provide high-quality undergraduate and post-graduate education which is based on excellence in academic and applied research. The mission is to teach the advance knowledge and train students in the field of Arts, Commerce & Science, and other areas. We stand for innovation in both learning and teaching practices and create excellence in education through industry based curricular and research driven by giving you a global edge.

1) Innovation in learning and Teaching Practices..

Innovative pedagogy is the hallmark of the college. Besides the traditional teaching method of chalk and talk, we promote a classroom culture where multimedia and use of technology helps in creating a vibrant and participative learning environment. The result is that students become active learners. To aid such learning, the classrooms in college are spacious and more ventilated.
We have a separate Seminar Hall equipped with an Audio Visual and Video Conferencing facilities like overhead projector, LCD, and a broadband communication network is setup.
Not only our teaching practices are innovative, the learning practices at the college also have a novel touch to make learning easier and enjoyable. We follow a student-centric approach where the focus is on the learner. .

2) Excellence in Education Based through curriculum and Research

driven Academic programmes :
Knowledge alone is not important. What matter is how we apply it? Keeping in mind that, Education is an ever-changing field, we keep on developing our curricular to suit the need of the sector. The curricular encourages students to apply the learning knowledge to real life scenarios in the form of case studies, research, events and live projects. The research driven environment will ensure that the students are exposed to current development as they happen and are able to understand the concept.

3) Commitment to Propel you Growth By Giving Global Edge.

We are committed to putting you on the path of growth by giving you the best education and art of facilities.

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